One less Nun


I was raised Catholic, and so I wanted to be a nun. I thought being a nun was a pretty good deal:  free food and lodging and those neat black and white outfits called “habits”.  I figured wearing one of those would qualify me as righteous.  If I couldn’t be the part, at least I could play the part!  Answers to all questions would be summed up in three little words (okay, one’s a contraction):  “I’m a nun”.

No gray areas-all would be spelled out in black and white.  It would be my career and my wardrobe.  My black shoes would always match my outfit, it would never be too late in the season for black, and I’d never have to worry about whether blue eye-shadow was in or out, as any shadow- and  make-up in general- was always out.

But, alas, those habits were very hot and uncomfortable and so, in the 60’s, the nuns got rid of their nasty habits-and my motivation to become a nun disappeared. According to my four sisters (and everyone else) I was not “nun material”.  It’s true that I was not fit to serve the Lord, but I’ve noticed I’m in good company.

Peter, in His first encounter with Jesus said,

“Depart from me Lord, I am a sinful man.”

And Isaiah said,

“I saw the Lord…woe to me!  For I am a man of unclean lips!”

But both those guys hung around long enough to be shocked by the love of God.  As have I.  So, there’s one less nun, but nonetheless, I serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

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