Thy Will Be Done

I have this very spiritual speech to write and only one more day to write it.  So I pray, giving my day to the Lord and then the next thing I know I’m picking up my daughter from soccer practice, dropping my son off at church, finding the income tax papers my husband John needed, and stripping the bed for a missionary couple needing a place to stay for the night.  Done (with grace, I might add).  AND THEN.  And then John spilled coffee all over the Bibles on the kitchen table where we’d just finished our devotions, which, ya’ know, you’d think doing devotions would offer some protection from this sort of thing.  Five minutes later, spilled milk and cereal.  Grace vanished without a trace.  Hands on hips and I said, “Okay- I love you all, but I’m off to work now-escaping to the solitude of a classroom full of preschoolers.”

On the way to work, I was praying (if shouting with a bad attitude can be called “praying”), “Lord, have I mentioned that my life seems to be one long interruption to really important plans?!!  Where do you stand on things like EFFICIENCY?  I’m just saying.  I could get a lot more of ‘Thy will be done’ if you’d do things my way!”

Well of course, He was working His will, which as usual had nothing to do with mine (sigh).  His will was to keep me from any notion of self-importance; to teach me gentleness, serenity, and “good naturedness”- all of which I flunked.  But…tomorrow is another day-and like every other day, there will be enough time for everything, if the everything is His Will.

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