I am experiencing my favorite earthly bliss at the moment:  John and me, and all the time in the world.  For two long days. At the moment, we have two floors of silence and privacy  (Tim is in Moab; Zach and most of the girls are at work, and those that aren’t, are totally ignoring us 🙂  As if that wasn’t enough, we are  in bed with tall mugs of coffee from the little maker on the bathroom counter.  A slice of toast made from the 7 Grain Bread I made yesterday (honey and butter for John, cinnamon for me), Spicy Indian candles, music, and our laptops.  I’m looking at recipes and writing devotionals. John’s being his amazingly brainy and generous self by helping make this blog user-friendly for his tech-challenged wife and dreaming his techie dreams.  “Did you know they’re coming out with a new ___________?”  He says (Fill in the blank with the latest and greatest by Apple computer toy, only half of which I vaguely understand). We’ve been amazingly blessed with 38 years of marriage and eight great kids, but who would have imagined this on top of it all?  Blissed and Blessed.  Thank you, Lord.

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