Mover and Shaker

Daily Devos
Photo from my morning walk

Mover and Shaker

“On the day that the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, the opposite occurred…”  Esther 9:1

In a flash, lives can change for better or worse.  Good times are upended through sudden catastrophe.  Pending doom is miraculously “de-doomed”.  After all, the Lord has the power to bring change with one word from His mouth. ”Let there be light!”.  “Lazerus, come forth!”.  Pillars of fire, pillars of salt, and well, you know- all through the BIble things turn, change, live, die.  Even in catastrophe I know God has His hand on the gear shift.  He chooses to raise up and bring down.  He chooses.  Mordecai knew this, Haman learned it, I am learning it, too. It’s comforting to know He’s the ultimate Mover and Shaker.

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