Feeding 5,000 on a Shoestring -and a Prayer

“How many loaves do you have?  Go and see.”  Mk. 6:38                                             (Read Mk.6:30-44)

I’ve hosted a houseful of people on short notice, but never faced the insurmountable task of feeding 5,000!  In Mark chapter 6 are practical principles of hospitality (and service of any kind) that beat any helpful hints found on HG TV or elsewhere:

1.  Assess the need. (Mk. 6:34, 35)

2.  Resist focusing on insufficiencies. (Mk. 6:36, 37)

3.  Gather your resources. (Mk. 6:38)

4.  Solicit the help of others. (Mk. 6:41b)

5.  Make the unmanageable manageable.  (Mk. 6:39,40)

6.  With thankfulness, ask God to bless and multiply. (Mk.6:41)

7.  Count on Him to more than meet the need.  (Mk. 6:42, 43)

We can trust the Lord to abundantly meet our needs-whether it be food, strength or love as we serve others.  He’s the Ultimate in hospitality- truly a heavenly Host.

P.S. Twelve cynical apostles gather how many baskets of leftovers? What is Jesus demonstrating to them-and to us?

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