Daily Devos

 My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them.   Proverbs 1:10

Who are the sinners this verse is speaking of-  are they the obvious “bad guys”?  The ones who are always in trouble or live “on the fringe” of rules or common sense?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  We’re all sinners.

Sometimes we let our guard down around our friends-especially Christians, assuming that anything we do with them must be okay because they go to our church or whatever.

And what does entice mean, anyway?  The word actually means “open and wide”.  In other words, the enticement looks like freedom.  It looks and feels good-or it will make us look or feel good. Being enticed also implies a struggle is going on inside us.  Our mind first says, “Nah…I don’t think so.”  Then…”Hmmmmmm”.  And, finally, “Oh, it’s no big deal- okay,sure.”

This can happen over the course of a few moments- or months.  Either way, the result is the same if we go along. As Proverbs goes on to say: it’s a trap!  A trap never looks like a trap-ask any one-eared mouse.

The solution?  Don’t go there.

The “open and wide” is not the freedom God gives.  The freedom He gives is literally, “to let loose or undo.”  From what?  Freedom from the common traps of life!

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