Magnum Opus

In the book, Charlotte’s Web, Charlotte the spider refers to her egg sac as her magnum opus- her “greatest work.”  In Christ, we all have a magnum opus.  Our great work is to love Him through the work He’s given us to do, and to love others in practical ways-nurturing and disciplining our children; looking for ways to bless our spouses and those around us; obeying by praying and staying in fellowship.  Other seeming greatest works will fail us:  our life’s work will be given to another, or discontinued; homes are sold and fashions fade.

 Consider now, for the LORD has chosen you to build a temple as a sanctuary.  Be strong and do the work.” 1st Chron. 28:10

Solomon builds a magnificent temple to the Lord, yet it was destroyed brick by brick.   Solomon’s magnum opus was not merely the temple, but the motive behind the building of it:  love and obedience to God.  What is your magnum opus?  Are you faithful to it?

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