Worth the Weight in Potatoes

Picture two 10 lb. bags of potatoes.  Take one potato out of one of the bags.  Now you have 19.5 lbs of potatoes and that’s how much weight I’ve lost.  Whoopee!  Not hard work-I haven’t told myself no on any particular food and I’ve eaten everything from Baklava to Pumpkin Pie, mashed potatoes and gravy.  BUT I don’t eat 3 pieces of pie and a mound of potatoes the size of the Alps.  I do eat something healthy that I enjoy so that I don’t eat junk.  And, I exercise if I eat too much. For instance my daughter Grace and her fiance made these amazing pumpkin-penuche cookies.  They are the very best cookies.  I ate two of them.  Total:  260 calories.  So I got on the tread mill, watched the pilot and first show of The Office and walked off 260 calories. Those cookies are worth it.  But some things aren’t:  saltines, stale vanilla wafers, candy picked off the top of my gingerbread house-nah, not worth a workout.  So really, as with just about everything else in life, it’s about choices, paying consequences and not pretending ignorance or making excuses. I didn’t HAVE to work off those cookies, I could’ve just made some adjustments tomorrow in my eating, but I want to remind myself that there is a cost to some things, and since I’m not satisfied to “just maintain” around the Holidays, I walk.   Besides, my love-hate relationship with the treadmill is becoming more love and less hate.  That can’t be a bad thing.  A lot of the time I don’t want to spend a whole hour on the treadmill.  But guess what?  15 minutes four times a day accomplishes the same thing.  I just do what I can.  And isn’t that what allows us to accomplish anything?  We honor the Lord when we do what we can and count on Him to do His thing in us and through us.

What worked this week:  eating more high fiber tortillas.  I love those things.  There’s a new artisan corn and wheat tortilla that is really yummy.  Add 1/4 cup seasoned black beans, 2 T. cheese, 1 T. greek yogurt and hot sauce.  Total:  200 calories and a wonderfully filling meal.

Keep some really good apples (none of those mushy, tough skinned, tasteless orbs) on hand for when the hungries hit or you’re out and about and need a fast food to get you over a hump.  Buy the biggest, firmest, juiciest apples you can find.

What didn’t work:  Thinking I can behave myself around a peanut butter jar.  Maybe some day, but not now.

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