The No Excuses Diet- a month later

I’ve lost 22 lbs. on my No Excuses Diet (which, if you read my original blog on the subject, simply means there is no excuse for not losing the 30+ pounds I’ve gained since moving to Utah).  I just got back from a Christmas celebration in California and in spite of See’s candy, crab dip, cheese cake and you name it, and baking the usual Christmas fare (English Toffee, double-ginger cookies, chocolate covered everything (cinnamon bears, pretzels, apricots, and anything else I could find in the cupboard-except the green olives and dill pickles), I’ve still lost a pound in the past week.  I ate a little of everything  and a lot (at least 2 dozen) white chocolate/crushed peppermint dipped pretzels.  By a little, I mean one taste-or in the case of See’s, I started to eat a piece and then decided that my english toffee was better, so I opted to eat an equal size of my toffee instead.  I missed a whole 5 days of exercise and didn’t do my usual jotting down of everything that passes my lips (sans toothpaste) and still. It was kind of a test for me.  Could I ask the Lord to direct my eating and then listen (that’s the hard part), and then obey (the hardest part).  All I can say is I thank the Lord.  He cares about seemingly insignificant stuff.  But is it insignificant?  Not so much.  When I was at my highest weight, I was tired. I wanted to sleep-especially after lunch.  I still take a nap occasionally, but I’m not bone-tired on a daily basis. Also, I don’t have the sharp pin-prick feeling in my toes or the sudden, intense sense of anxiety that would come over me-especially at night.  My stomach has quit feeling like I’ve been punched in the stomach and mentally I’m more alert.  Diabetes runs in my family and I think some of these symptoms were a precursor.  I sometiimes thought, “What more does the Lord have to do to bring this issue to my attention?”  It certainly was easy to justify eating- I mean, we have to eat, right?  It’s not like drugs, alcohol or cigarettes that can be flushed down the toilet and be done with. But maybe it’s not insignificant,as all these things affect my ability to serve others and by doing so, serve the Lord.  I also feel more positive.  Is that pride or selfish ambition?  Well, only God knows.  But since Satan likes to hound me coming and going, I’m trusting that to the Lord, too.  Of course pride is always a temptation, but isn’t there a vast amount of self-consciousness in being over-weight?  Besides, I was just explaining to a friend of mine the difference between ambition (the satisfaction that comes with using the talents God has given us) vs. selfish ambition.  Ambition is running the race as if to win.  Selfish ambition is tripping the runner next to you!

Here’s a little recipe for the Holidays:  To your coffee, add a tsp. of pwd. cocoa (unsweetened)), some Splenda or Truvia to taste, a few drops of peppermint extract and a quick squirt of canned whipping cream (2 Tbs/15 cal), and you’ve got a special holiday sipper under 20 calories. Put a sprinkle of crushed candy cane for extra “umph”.  Then thank the Lord for all the amazing things He’s made for us to eat and enjoy- just don’t “delight yourself in fatness”!   The bite-sized things I eat, do, say, and think, tally up to- well- my life.  So, in all my calorie-counting, may my life count for the most important things, the most important One:  Jesus, the Bread of Life.

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