Jesus: Always Thinking of Others

Nothing promotes self-absorption like stress.  I’ve honed the sullen sigh, the wrinkled brow and under-the-breath muttering to an Oscar-worthy form.  Go ahead-spill the maple syrup in the pantry and leave it to drip down the shelves; floss your teeth onto the bathroom mirror and sling the string in the sink (say it fast three times); feed the coffee creamer to the cat and put the empty carton back in the fridge; tell me you need the tax information by noon, and I just might use my broom for more than flying.

Enter Jesus.  Facing the ultimate stress of carrying our sins to the cross, he spent the day acting outwardly.  He cleaned up after others (washed the disciples feet), served a meal (the last supper) ate and pursued fellowship, prayed for others, took care of his mom, spoke forgiveness to those who harmed Him, and encouraged the sinner beside Him.  That’s the Son of God for ya.

His last hours have taught me a secret cure for both stress and self-absorption:  Pick up the phone and call someone who really has problems. Serve. Show hospitality. Pray. Take care of my family.  Forgive those who “know not what they do” and encourage the one struggling with sin.  For a minute there, I forgot about the seven billion people in the world, and… that it’s only one-sevenbillionth about me.    🙂

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