Resurrection from the Bed

I can’t raise myself from the dead.  Some mornings I can’t even raise myself from the bed!  When I do some thoughtless or stupid thing I reprimand myself with, “You’ve made your bed, now sleep in it!”  But the fact that Jesus rose from the dead means that even those troubles that I’ve created myself can be resurrected, resolved, recreated into something that will honor Him.  I can turn absolutely everything over to Him and trust Him to weed through the rubble and resurrect what’s dead.  That’s His business. My business is to pray- and obey (and stay out of the fray).  From the smallest resurrection (Lord, resurrect this day that has started so badly); to the greatest (Lord, the people of this nation, tongue and tribe needs spiritual resurrection), it’s no skin off His back to make it happen.  Actually, it was skin off his back and so much more, and he did it all to resurrect my dead-and yours. What does that mean to you?

I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to my God and your God. John 20:17

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