Bee Attitudes

When I was about 7 years old, a bee landed on my nose.  It crawled into my nostril and- I don’t know- started making a hive, I guess.  Well,  you can imagine my fear.  I started doing my little scary jig as my Dad shouted, “Just stand there.  Don’t move!  Look at me!”  That was probably the hardest thing to do.  I wanted to do everything BUT just stand there.  But I stood still, my fingers twitching a mile a minute, and my eyes fixed on my Dad.  Then at my Dad’s instructions, I took a giant breath through my mouth and like a canon, shot that bee into outer space.  All this to say, “Likewise, stand firm against the schemes of the devil.”  As the saying goes, “you can’t prevent the devil from landing on your nose, but you CAN prevent him from building a hive in it” (Actually,  I made that up). Keep your eyes on Daddy, not on the bee.

Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.  Eph. 6:11

What are the schemes of the devil?  In a nutshell, to make me think the worst of God, the worst of you and the best of myself; to convince me that God knows little, you  know less and I know it all.

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