Junk Collector


When I was a kid, I collected junk- a.k.a. “Hey, I really needed one of these”.  The end of each day divulged pockets full of successful hunting: a crystal disguised as a pointy piece of white quartz from the neighbor’s side yard, 3 pieces of perfectly useable black chalk-like lumps found in a heap of barbecue ashes, a cigarette butt that, when the paper is unraveled, revealed a perfectly cylindrical white piece of…of…what is that?  My polka-dot Wonder Bread bags were filled with the likes and stashed in the underworld of my bed.  I’d trade the crystal for a slice of bologna at school, draw beautiful sidewalk studies in black of flowers and suns, and soak that white whatchamacallit in water to keep my roly-poly alive.

God is the Ultimate Junk Collector/Treasure Hunter. I know when I offer Him all I have- my loaves and fishes, He will take it and make something bigger, something better, something actually useful.  But what if my loaves and fishes are in reality dry heels and fish heads?  No matter.  Jesus turns them over in His hands, smiles at me and says, “Hey, I really needed one of these.”  Then He thanks God and does His thing:  TRANSFORMS.  What a God, what a Savior, what a really creative Friend.

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