There is a unique sense of freedom that running produces.  Years ago, I ran each morning with my friend Jan.  She was a real runner.  She ran before it was popular; before running shoes (she wore army boots).  She taught me how to run.  We’d run at 5 a.m. through a park and behind the zoo where the path was covered by dark branches and accompanied by the sound of lions roaring for their morning meal.  I quit running after my fourth baby was born.  But for many years I dreamed of running.  The sensation of morning air on my face, watching the new morning light rise, the sense of “I can’t keep going” and then- oh! a second wind greater than the first!  Psalm 119:32 says:

“I will run the course set out in Your commandments, for they gladden my heart.”  Course means way, path, direction, journey.  The Lord sets my path, he knows just the right pace for me.  I know He will give me the second wind when I’m weary.  I don’t need to worry about strength for tomorrow’s run.  He knows that course, too.  I will run in His path today and enjoy the freedom of knowing He has run before me, will run with me, and will welcome me at the end.

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