Pioneer Days

I remember the day I became Laura Ingalls Wilder. In our old library that smelled of wood polish and old books, I discovered the familiar illustration of a little girl peering from the back of a covered wagon- Little House on the Prarie.  Next to it was the same little girl playing in a forest clearing- Little House in the Big Woods.  I spent my fourth grade year deep in the heart of that wonderful series, closing These Happy Golden Years, with a deep sigh.  I was bent on being a pioneer.  I even made adobe bricks in my backyard using Mom’s tupperware as the molds (sorry, Mom).  I dreamed of discovery.  The thought of no more pioneers, anywhere, left me hungry.  It was years before I realized pioneers do still exist!  They travel to unreached lands and people, choose a simpler (not to be confused with easier) life among foreign people to share what they know about a God of love. I can be a pioneer.  I no longer live vicariously through Laura Ingalls; I live through Christ, who is always up for a new adventure.  My Pioneer Days started when I discovered www. Global Prayer Digest.  This month, my journey is through Albania, pictured below.  My pioneering friends (missionaries to Albania) could use a hand.  I don’t need to be Laura Ingalls Wilder to live a wilder life.  Jesus is blazing another trail and I’m invited to come along.  “Who will go?”  Isaiah 6


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