Go, Stand, Speak

God’s will for us in a nutshell:  Go.  Stand.  Speak.

Go and stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this Life.”  Acts 5:20

“Go” doesn’t mean we have to wear weird missionary attire and travel to some unpronounceable place (unless, of course, God has told you to go to Xelaju!)  Go to work.  Go shopping.  Go into the kitchen.  Go to church.  Just go where the Spirit tells you to go.

“Stand”- as opposed to slouching through life like a 16 year-old in math class.  Stand up, stand ready, stand still, take a stand (the witness stand), and stand firm in the love and faithfulness of God.  Circumstance may buckle our knees, but let it bend them only to pray, then STAND.

“Speak”: Open your mouth and tell those around you all the words of this Life. Say it: say “Thank you” for all the wee small efforts of another.  Words of gratitude, humor, acceptance, and confidence cost nothing (except maybe our Prom Queen view of self), but can literally make the difference of life or death for some, and the day a bit easier for all.  Speak the truth in love. Sometimes the love part is easier than the truth part.  We squirm and settle for skirted truths, half truths, mixed truths, or socially acceptable truths, but we are called to speak all the words: love and truth, mercy and (gulp) judgement, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (So help me, God!). 

Where will you go?  How shall you stand?  What will you speak today?

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