Devos: Occupy Wall Street Until I Come

Now some cried out one thing, some another, for the assembly was in confusion, and most of them did not know why they had come together. Ac19:32

Find a mob.  Rouse them to a frenzy.  Bury the facts under rousing speeches of how you- the innocent guy just trying to make a decent living-are being ripped off, and there you have it:  “Occupy Wall Street” and “Riot in  Ephesus.”  When Jesus said, “Occupy until I come,” I doubt He meant Wall Street. But lest we get an “us vs. them” mentality, what about us?  Christians are as prone to hysteria as twelve-year-olds at a Justin Beiber Concert.  Winds of doctrine blow through the body of Christ faster than a hurricane and with as much destruction.  In my 41 years as a believer I’ve seen the mob all lathered up about homeschool vs. public school vs Christian school;  birth control vs. “quiver full”( I quivered), and Amway (get filthy rich by selling to your Church friends so you can tithe more).  Other issues are too bizarre to mention.  I’m a bit of a rebel, so if a Christian tells me “DON’T read that book”, I generally do.  I want to know first hand what people are getting riled up about, so I can de-rile, or agree-on a calmer level. The Shack comes to mind here.    Some left the church over that book, because among other things,  it depicts God as a big, black, mother-type gal. I read it.  Good writing, creative.  It painted some helpful pictures for me-not of God, but of life and death.  I didn’t agree with stuff in it, but why get upset?  Hey- did someone just throw a mental tomato at me?  It’s fiction for heaven sake!  I’ve never heard of anyone getting angry at Rembrandt for his painting  The Prodigal Son Returns; wherein the father (who represents God) is depicted with one hand strong and manly- like a good father, the other gentle and soft like a mother.  Hmmm…what kind of perversion was Rembrandt portraying? I think I’ll dig up his grave so I can slap him in the face.  Or maybe we should all get back to the task at hand:  loving Christ and each other.  Besides, my brain is a mob unto itself (all those voices…) I don’t need any encouragement in that department. 🙂

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