Bridezilla, Part 2

I just checked the world population clock.  I discovered at this very moment,  it’s really only 1/7,o35,505,938ths about me (and ticking).  That right there should cure any Bridezilla behavior.  But God must know I need a little extra assistance getting out of my Southern Belle-style attitude and as usual, the help  was right there in my daily reading, Colossians chapter 3:  “Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience”.   Each of these qualities in verse 12 are exact opposites of my Bridezilla self:   The opposite of cool or careless indifference is compassion. The opposite of abruptness, sarcasm and rudeness?  Kindness.  The opposite of being bent out of shape when things don’t go MY way?  Humility.  The opposite of harshness, flippancy? Gentleness. The opposite of annoyed and stressed?  Patience.  If I’d just “Say Yes to the Dress” found right there in Colossians Bridal Shop, everyone around me would consider it a very happy occasion.

Lord,  HELP!  The zipper is stuck on this ill-fitting dress of self-focus!  I want to be the “bride who has made herself ready” by exhibiting Your Designer Trademark:  LOVE.


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