Home (and Rome)

The little house around the block is for sale.  The sign’s been up for a long time, with no takers-and few lookers.  Attempts to give the house some curb appeal are relentless.  The freshly painted exterior touts four shades of In the Buff -or whatever the name for tan is nowadays; the front entry has been relocated to the side of the house away from the high-traffic street; and every time I go by, I see some new addition.  Week 16:  Two rocking chairs flank the front door.  Week 17:  cheerful daisy cushions, and bright blue ceramic pot with plant  Week 18:  A child-sized rocker next to the two big rockers and plant, so now, “ain’t nobody rockin’ nothin'”on that pocket-size porch. Week 19:  Three new 50’s style lawn chairs proclaim this is a very hip place and wouldn’t you just love to own these chairs and house -but, umm…wait- not too hip- for those whose religion is not comfortable with hip.  In which case, the silk-hydrangea front door wreath is a good hip replacement. Oh-and get this:  Did you know a carport can be legally advertised as a “Porta Vettura”?  Really.  Like some unsuspecting person is going to say,“What!??  That sounds like something from “Under the Tuscan Sun”-this must be a little Italian Villa and I must have it! ”

Well, I’m not buyin’ it.

No one can accuse the owners of not trying- they’ve done everything short of throwing in a free canned ham to potential buyers.  Their probably about ready to throw that ham at someone (or a prosciutto at someone).  The truth is, the house is not very attractive or practical- no garage, too few bathrooms- an odd little thing, really.  I think less spicing and lower pricing might do the trick.  But what do I know?  Let’s see…if my calculations are correct…NOTHING.  So, I feel sad for the owners and their anxious attempts to sell the seemingly unsellable.  Maybe Week 20 will reveal some casually placed Pink Flamingoes.

Well, now I’m thinking about life in general, and life in Christ, specifically.  I am so glad I didn’t have to place a realtor’s spin on myself to get God to love me.  Things like, “Great little fixer-upper” or “Lots of Potential in this Charmer!”.  No amount of kitsch or glitz could cover my foundational flaws.  While I was yet a seriously BIG “fixer-upper” with no potential and not the least bit charming, I was bought for way more than the Market Value. That’s a deal-in any language-but it was initially written to those in Rome, as in Porta Veturra.

While I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me.   Romans 5:8


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