A Short(s) Lesson in Humility

After the birth of our fifth child, I was happy to be back in “normal people” clothes.  One sunny day, I pulled on a pair of shorts, and to my surprise, they fit.  I turned this way and that before the mirror, very pleased with myself as we all set off for a picnic at the park.  An hour later, after a stop at the park restroom, the kids ran ahead to find the perfect picnic spot.  I lagged behind carrying the usual truckload of gear and noticed people giving me a second look. I smiled and thought, “I must look pretty good in these shorts.” I was setting out the pb&js, when a little girl approached and said, “Excuse me, you have something on your back.”  I twisted around to look, and there plastered to the back of my shorts was a toilet seat cover.

Two verses come to mind- Daniel 4:37, and James 4:6:  

“…and those who walk in pride he is able to humble.”  Yeah, no kidding.

God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”  Like I don’t have enough opposition in my life? I need to add GOD to that list?

What I need is a double scoop of grace, please.   (I have never worn shorts since.)


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