Barkin’ Up the Wrong Tree

John and I pray for people after church on Sundays.  Sometimes, people approach me with curious prayer requests:

”Please pray that I’ll stop fighting with my live-in boyfriend.”

“I know God wants me to be happy, so pray my divorce will go through.”

I glance behind me, assuming (hoping!) they’re addressing someone else.  I’m thinkin’,

“You want me to ask my God for that?!?”

When it comes to praying, sometimes we’re barkin’ up the wrong tree.

The Children of Israel were sincerely, whole-heartedly, praying.  Just one tiny little problem:  they were praying to the wrong god for the wrong thing!  The response?  ”“There was no voice, no one answered, no one paid attention.”  1 Kings 18:29

In my prayer life, God’s silence can be interpreted to mean a variety of things:

      • • No.
      • • Wait.
      • • Did you make your bed?  i.e. Did you obey Me in the last little thing I told you to do?
      • • First, go tell your spouse you’re sorry (see Malachi 2:11-17).
      • • Are you talking to Me?

Here are some prayers that God always answers:  “Change me”.  and, “Thy will be done.”

Barking up the wrong tree will bring no results (except maybe bird-do in the eye). Only one tree can bear our entreaties.  Our prayers are heard -and answered- as we stand beneath that old, rugged Calvary tree.

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