A Crouton of Christ


After the morsel, Satan then entered in him. – John 13:27

A little bit of Jesus can be a dangerous thing.  Jesus handed Judas a morsel of bread, and “Then Satan entered into Judas”.  Wow.  How does that happen?    I don’t know, but as I think about my walk with the Lord, I wince at some of the things I’ve done with a crouton of Christ.  

Peter had the same problem.  His idea of standing for Christ was to chop off a guy’s ear. Maybe it was a simple misunderstanding on Peter’s part regarding Job 34:2,  “Give ear to Me.” 

I too, have chopped off a few ears by not guarding my passions.  Discerning the appropriate occasion in which to use extreme measures, such as wielding a whip and knocking over tables, is something I need to leave to Jesus.  

Yeah, Peter, Judas and I go way back. The difference is, Peter stuck around long enough to take another morsel, and another, and another.  Mixed with a morsel of faith, and healthy dose of humility, Peter grew out of his quirky little ear-chopping habits and became a contributing member of society.  I’m hoping the same can be said of me someday. 

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