All We Had

I wrote this over a year ago and am reposting in honor of our 40th anniversary.

The Write Stuff

“Laura, you look like you’ve lost weight, you have a beautiful smile and you smell good.”  Said John.

Really??!!  Thank you so much for saying so,  my love.”  Said I.

“Yeah, I read somewhere that those three things are what a girl wants to hear.”

I burst out laughing at this honest man.  A man with no guile, my husband.  He rescued himself by explaining, “Well, I read that article and thought, you really are those things.  So there you have it.”

I just love this guy.

Today is our 466th wedding month-a-versary, as we call it.  I greeted him with this news today.  He looked a bit crestfallen that he hadn’t said it first.  I thought I’d one-upped him, but then he left the room and came back with an envelope (see card above).

How did we get so blessed?

Well, I know for sure it’s not…

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