All Tinseled Out

dead-christmas-treeMy Christmas tree is giving it all she’s got. She’s the cheerleader in a game that’s gone into overtime, with no hope of a comeback-not this year, anyway.  The bling is still there, the colors and lights, but underneath it all, she’s tired, very tired.  How can we not feel a bit of let-down, staring at Christmas Past?  Swallow that leftover stale cookie with a cup of seasonal flu, and unwrap that final gift-the one that keeps on giving-guilt (for the things we didn’t get done, and the things we’ll never do),  and we’ve got a perfect set-up for depression.  If I’m feeling it, I suspect others are, too.  So I am asking God to remind me of you by name, and praying that the comfort and joy found under that other tree, the Calvary Evergreen, will be yours as you spend time beneath it today.  Let’s meet there in spirit, to worship, and to pray. Then like children who’ve suddenly remembered their security blanket, we’ll be all better now, wrapped in Him.

“He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.”  Psalm 91:4a


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