Call, Girls

little-girl-talking-on-phoneMy sister and I talk on the phone every day.  It started 2 years ago when we both needed encouragement. She was sick, and I was heart-sick (I have kids, y’know).  So across two states, we helped each other rise up and walk each morning.  Our problems were each other’s much-needed distraction.  As mutual counselors, we offered profound words of support and wisdom like:  “Oh my gosh!!  Are you kidding me?  You poor thing!!”  With each rehashing of our personal angsts, the clouds lifted, until we could see Our Father, Who Art in Heaven.  And guess what?  We came through.  Soaked to the skin with mascara running, we pulled each other along, and made it home to the fire.

We still talk daily, discussing international disasters such as the annihilate of all living, breathing books by way of Kindle;  the hostile takeover of women’s fashions by Ugly-As-Sin, Inc. and solving physics equations like why peeling a potato towards your body is faster and more efficient than peeling it away from your body. We laugh uproariously at our depictions of life’s insults and injuries; we listen, nudging each other toward the Truth; and we remind each other to love and pray.

When we hang up, we go about the business of  doing the next thing, be it dishes, or laundry or fixing a cup of coffee for the one we love, always with the knowledge that there’s someone on the other side of speed dial cheering us on to the finish.

Isolation leads to a hardened cynicism toward  life, people and ultimately, God.  The Bible tells us so,  and gives us the remedy:

“…Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” (Hebrews 3:13)

We are each other’s sister, blood or otherwise.  Pick up the phone and practice your listening skills.  It’s your call.

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