Can’t Fix It

image-1I can’t fix it. These are my least favorite words, especially when it comes to relationships, which as you’ve probably noticed, can be really tricksty. “I’ve done everything I know to do,” or so I say, but God probably has other ideas. But even if I make it my goal to live at peace, and love deeply, I can still find myself in conflict. I can train my children, but I can not produce salvation inthem. I honor my parents, but I can not change their opinion of me. I submit to those in authority, and someone else gets promoted. We live in a fallen world, starting with our own wicked little hearts. We can apply all the Biblical principles to the best of our ability, but we can not control the heart of another, which means we can’t fix everything. So when all is said and done, what are we to do? Put on the armor and stand firm-not in our self-righteous huffiness, but in the love and humility of Christ, who though a martyr, never acted like one. He was wronged, misunderstood and killed. He suffered and so will we, but it doesn’t mean something’s not working (“I prayed, but nothing happened…”) Suffering, even in relationships, is beneficial, if we allow it. We can learn something, just as He did. “He learned obedience through the things He suffered.” (Heb. 5:8) Jesus had to LEARN something??? Is it possible that I need to learn something? Ummmmm….yeah, start with that martyr thing.

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