I definitely would have kicked Judas out of my Jesus Club; or at least suspended him indefinitely for dipping into the charity fund, which would have the same effect, but look less arrogant than, “There’s talk in the staff lounge that you don’t like my leadership style so I’m placing you on temporary leave-and by that I mean permanent.” But not Jesus.  What sort of God takes abuse lying down? Was He lying down?  Well, yes, in the sense that He “lay down His life’, but He STOOD; silent, meek in the truest sense of the word:  having strength under pressure; but without one smidgeon of self-preservation or defense throughout the Ultimate Dis. For sure, I am not worthy to be called “friend of God,” because sometimes (okay, often) I prefer the shouting, whipping, turn-the-tables-over ‘n get’em Jesus, to the pick-up-the-ear-and-stick-it-back-on Jesus.  Unless, of course, it’s my table. Or my ear.  What sort of God does this?  When falsely accused and wrongly abused, He did not shout, “Enough is Enough!” until it was enough; enough to cover our multitude of sins. Only then did Jesus give up His Spirit and say, “IT IS FINISHED.”  What sort of God does this? The God who doesn’t kick us out of His Jesus Club.  

“…and whoever comes to me, I will never cast out.  John 6:37

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