Freaking out is a human condition. I have yet to see my cat wringing her paws over the mouse that got away. She just shrugs, stretches her hind legs as if shaking the dust off her feet, saying, “Alright then- Another time.” And if the dog’s bowl is empty, he just KNOWS it will be full- Yes! He waits, dancing around the kitchen, eyes, tail and tongue saying, “YES! YES! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I KNEW you would do it, My Master!” But humans? Well, a different story, for sure. When things get tough, we lose all sense of perspective- our soul rocks its head in its hands, “Oh what to do? WHAT to do!” -and glances sideways at the cheap bottle of wine, or some other addicting consolation. Or, we dive in there and FIX IT- by which I mean we become the over-zealous husband who, never having touched a water pipe, decides to overhaul the plumbing- with the wrench he got from Dollar Tree. The only thing to show for it, in the end, is Plumber’s Crack.
Thankfully, we get old. Yeah, we cry sometimes (mostly for the ones who can’t cry for themselves), huddled with our Bible on the old glider-rocker, Jesus sliding it silently with His sandaled foot. But “that which we have heard, have seen with our eyes, gazed upon, and our hands have touched, concerning the Word of Life” has given us Blessed Assurance. We get up in the morning, stretch by the window, look out and thank Him for the sun. We pray, putter around in mundane acts of faithfulness and love, then dress for the great things to come- because they always DO come, but never before the socks are picked up, and the coffee made the way he likes it. We look to the day and just KNOW our bowl will be full. It is well with our soul. Because He said so: “By your patience possess your souls”. John 1:1-5; Luke 21:19

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