Devos and Ducks

Not only are my ducks not in a row, they are nesting on my bed pillow, feathers flying,  pooping everywhere, vying for position as Lord of my life. Okay, so I have a few events converging at once, and they’re all taking cuts in my nice, straight line.  According to the World Population Clock, it’s only 7billionth, 228 millionth, 204th thousand, 665th about me. No-wait- 666…667…668th about me,  which should help me keep things in perspective, not to mention that I don’t live in Syria or South Korea or the hundred other places in crisis.  Geesh, I’m such a wimp. Which means I’m tempted at times to ask Jesus, “Lord, didn’t your mother teach you any organizational skills?” And then I show Him my very efficient flow chart of How Things Should Be. He feigns interest, but I see the raised eyebrow, saying, “Do you want my advice or not?”  Sigh.  “Okay…”

”Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…”

So I close the door on the ducks, and shuffle downstairs to my chair, Bible and coffee.  I pray for the families of the kids on that sunken boat in South Korea, the people of Ukraine, the Syrian government; and my wee small pea-brain thanks the Lord for blessing me, and asks Him to use me in some small pea-way today.  I look up just in time to see my ducks flying out the bedroom window.  And look at that-they’re in a very efficient V-formation.  Choose for YOURSELVES THIS DAY whom you will for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15

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