Bound to Rebound

Years ago, while tucking my son Joey into bed, He asked, “Mommy, is God sleeping now?”  “No,” I said, “This is a great thing about God- He never sleeps. The Bible says, “He who watches over you neither slumbers or sleeps.”  To which Joey, incredulous, replied, “You mean- God’s a MOM!?”  

I was there when my son went to sleep, I was there when he came to the kitchen in the morning, and if he called out in the night, I soon appeared. Young minds write their own story about these things (my class of preschoolers think I live at school), and so I never slept in Joey’s Volume 1 of Moms.  

Once upon a time it was almost true. I was young. In the morning, I’d bound out of bed.  That was a long, long time ago.  Now most mornings when getting out of bed, I rebound- off the walls and doors.  The furniture deliberately sticks its feet out to trip me up along the very crooked path to the bathroom (old minds write their own story about these things). So I appreciate all the more the verse in Psalm 121, “He who watches you never slumbers or sleeps.”  “Never slumbers” means He is never groggy or drowsy, always at the ready. God does not slouch, head slumped, wearily in the chair across from mine, pinching the bridge of His nose with one hand, triple-shot of espresso in the other, straining to open His eyes, wincing if my prayers are a bit too loud.  I imagine the Bright and Morning Son walks around my bedroom, waiting, checking things out, nudging potential hazards (and furniture feet) out of the way, and humming a little tune to whisper me awake, just like Zep. 3:17 says,  “He joys over you with singing”. Once, I actually thought I felt Him tweak my toe.  

He who watches you never slumbers or sleeps.  He watches you, willing you to awaken to Him.  Stumble to Him if you must, but rise up and walk; He’s prepared something fresh for you today.   


  1. From one who also finds it hard to wake up each morning, this is a good reminder! and just as I try to drink lots of water when I wake up, I’ll remember that true refreshment comes from The Living Water. Thanks!

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