The Ungodly Council

My brain is hosting the council of ungodly nations this morning. In the kitchen, me and my coffeemaker were minding our own business, when suddenly into the gray matter they marched, taking their seats and beginning their final argument with an itemized list of my criminal acts.  Like I said, I was with the French press, who heard it all.  Wow.  What a list.  I deserve a life sentence without parole.  Move over Paul, I’m the new C.O.S.  (Chief of Sinners).  

So, I do the only think I know to do.  I plead guilty.  “Yes.  I know.  I did that.  And that, too.  Yes, you’re right, I have no basis for calling my self a Christian.  Yes, yes, I’m a hypocrite and a real jerk, and I hurt so-n-so back in 1983…” 

Agreeing saves so much time.  Attempting to parcel out, justify, or prove extenuating circumstances merely prolongs the trial. The Father of Lies tells the truth about my sins.  But- regarding his recommendation of the eternal death penalty- he errs.  As the Bible tells it, the Judge over all nations, brought the gavel down on my behalf (and yours).  The same gavel that struck the final blow nailing Jesus to the cross, simultaneously struck the Judge’s stand, pardoning and sealing my criminal record:  IT IS FINISHED. 

Psalm 43 says, “Vindicate me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation; rescue me from deceitful and wicked men.” 

He did.  

Now, we’re just gonna go enjoy a morning cup of coffee together.


  1. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I have been harboring some ill feelings toward a family member, knowing it doesn’t please the Lord, battling to bring into captivity the voice that keeps whispering, “They don’t deserve it. They caused all the ruckus! Why should you forgive them?” And then the still small voice says, “Because I forgave you!” What if I am the only example of Christ’s love they will see today? Will I choose to be the example of that unconditional love, or will I be the one demonstrating the opposite? I love your blog…thank you for your transparency and vulnerability.

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