Games I Play

I’m playing the old Whack-a-Mole game at the arcade in my head. Fear pops up- smack- down it goes, but up pops anger-bonk- it disappears, but from the corner pops doubt. This happens when I try to handle things on my own, things like worry, resentment, doubt… I may manage to beat down initial responses, but up pop, their toothy heads with surprising force, where least expected. I usually go a few rounds before realizing I’m in the game. And with this realization comes (eventually) handing the mallet to the only One who can win at this stuff. When Jesus steps in, lights flash GAME OVER, clamoring bells and whistles halt, and things calm down, wa-a-y down. Then I tell Him the truth, that I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing, or how I’d do it even if I knew what I was doing…
“…I thought I was…”
“…But then they…”
“…so then I…”
“…it looks like…”
“…now I can’t…”
And-get this- He knows exactly what I’m talking about. He understands and doesn’t say, “Haven’t we been over this before?”
Even though the answer is,
“Yes, we have. Many times.”
Together we make an itemized list of what’s really bugging me, and He only interrupts to say things like:
“Umm…are you sure you want to defend yourself on this point? Shall I replay that particular portion of your life so you can see how it really went down?”
Hint: Take His word for it. He’s always right, just accept it. After all, to confess actually means to agree with. So do it. He knows what’s what. Take His Word for it. Take His Word and apply it to every worry, angst, and doubt.
Here’s how: Look up the word “worry” (or fear, or unbelief) online at Blue Letter Bible or Bible Gateway. For you newbies, find a translation you can actually comprehend-like the New Living Translation (NLT). And to you King James Only types, I say c’mon- when was the last time you heard someone say, “…So… we trussed up our fardels…”? Acts 21:15; Geneva Bible.
Okay so then, scroll down the list of verses containing that word worry until you find verses that can be used as mallets the next time a mole rears it’s ugly head. Apply as needed. That’s how to beat the game- any game- your mind entices you to play.

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