Let’s Talk Trash

I clean out my car on Sunday mornings before church, gathering up the stuff that accumulates throughout the week: gum wrappers, apple cores, water bottles and the like. Recently, I headed from the parking lot into church with my Bible in one hand and the week’s trash in the other, greeting people along the way until I noticed curious eyes smiling at the “trash purse” dangling from my arm. I sheepishly placed my garbage in the church’s can and sighed, mentally chiding myself for being so uncouth. As I closed the lid, it occurred to me that this is a visual of what happens in the spiritual realm when I come to Christ in the mornings to read the Bible and pray. I wish I could say I approach the throne of God in my Sunday Best, but there’s no such thing. I’m just- well, trashy little me. The five loaves and two fish I offer Jesus is nothing more than moldy heels and fish heads as I come yawning with morning teeth and hair, coaxing my eyes open with a fresh brew of coffee. To attempt to clean up my act before coming to Him would be the equivalent of spraying a can of Febreeze over the city dump.
Jesus doesn’t expect more than our very worst. His invitation states, “Come as you are.”
In brief (s), “Come as you.” As someone so aptly said, “Who will be you, if you won’t be you?” (okay, perhaps that’s the butchered version, but you get my point). Just Come. He greets you with open arms. And when He eyes what you’re holding behind your back, He smiles and says, “Here- let me take out your trash.”
1 Samuel 2:8 He lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the garbage dump. He sets the among princes, placing them in seats of honor. For all the earth is the LORD’s and He has set the world in order.

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