Happy Salmonella-Free Day

Turkey isn’t the only thing needing a thaw today. Families are gathering- parents, children, in-laws and out-laws; so maybe now’s a good time to consider thawing frozen relationships, cleaning and gutting anything that delivers spiritual salmonella to the ones we say we love.
The fast-breeding bacteria of being right, being the victim, doing all the work, having a corner on truth, or using the day as a “teachable moment” of the more organic type in our campaigns against meats/sweets/udder’nbutterproducts/ canned/frozen…(ad infinitum)…are the lies with which we stuff ourselves.
“Not so fast, Missy,” I hear the Lord say. “Pride in NOT partaking in any of the aforementioned, is a deadly bacteria of equal portion.
Here’s to the other, greater, beautiful bird- the Descended Dove who helps us remember- and actually LIVE Galatians 5:6: The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through…LOVE. Happy Give Thanks Day.

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