Herein is Love

John greeted me yesterday evening with a kiss, which smacked of essence de Polish dog. He’d stopped at Costco because my cancer-ridden friend Deb, whose GI tube has opened a world of culinary possibilities of the liquid variety, had a hankering for a frozen yogurt chocolate/vanilla swirl. While at the food court, John put in for one of our favorite indulgences. As soon as I kissed him and eyed him suspiciously, he handed me a squishy foil packet: half a Polish dog, wrapped in swaddling clothes. My grease-starved heart sang Handel’s Hallelujahs as I wolfed down the contents right then and there. Then John pulled out a fancy little travel bar case of communion emblems, and served and prayed for Deb and her husband, Tim.
Since changing our diet almost a year ago, we don’t eat polish dogs; we commune with HALF polish dogs, yet they taste twice as good. Still, this one was juicier, spicier and all around delicious-er, knowing he’d saved the bigger half for me.
The Bible says, “Herein is love, that a man lay down His life for another.” That’s the biggie- that’s what Jesus did.
But John demonstrates that love in a lot of teeny-tiny ways, and it makes me happy.
“Herein is love, that a man lay down his dog for another”. Thanks, my Love.
Unless….wait. Maybe he ate ONE and a half dogs…..John??

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