A Week In The Life of an Old Married Couple

Day 1:
This is how iHusband John finagles the latest Apple iToy out of me:
Laying in bed this morning he says,
“We both should get….well…wouldn’t it be great, if, while you’re at work and I’m at work, and anytime we’re away from each other, I could tap your wrist and you’d know it was me tapping you? I need to get you an Apple watch… and one for me, too”.

Day 2:
Early morning of John’s day off:
John: “I’m taking your Honda into the dealership to get a tuneup.
Me: “Wait- isn’t that the place that has a Keurig Machine? Take me with you!
John: No. You need to stay in bed.
Me: Well, can I have a hug…and while you’re at it, can you rub my lower back?

Day 3:
I was in my pre-school classroom today, doing the daily routine of wipe-noses-tie-shoes-and-respond-to-renditions-of-last-summer’s-Disneyland-trip, when in walked a florist with a HUGE bouquet of flowers and a note that said,
“Happy 500th month-a-versary”.
What a great guy I married. He is so cute. And sweet. And thoughtful.
And then the florist came in again with another bouquet. And another. And another-five in all, one for every hundred months of marriage.

Yep- we’re old. And married. And Happy.

Day 4:
The Lord loves people, not institutions- that is why religion is not His cup of tea. But I found this phrase regarding marriage in Malachi 2:11: “…The LORD’s holy institution which He loves….” Interesting. Something to think on for the rest of this week…and life, for that matter.

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