Minor Adjustment, Major Results

I’ve spent the majority of my life trusting in the Lord, but in the past few years, that’s changed.
Gone are my shopping lists slapped on God’s refrigerator, and the newsletters sent heavenward with pleading headlines of, “Only You Can Save This Child From a Life of Despair!”
My trust is no longer merely IN the Lord; my trust IS the Lord. I rely, not in prayers answered, but in He is the Answer; not that He fixes, but that He is fixed in His sovereignty, grace, love and justice.
A great confidence and peace has come in putting all things Under God. The clutter’s cleared, the clatter silenced; a thousand fretful pleas replaced with Please…Be Thou My Vision.
Not that I don’t pray. I do- I pray very specifically, but my focus is not on the specifics, but on the General, who rules all and really does have the whole world in His hands. This brings freedom, and gratitude, security and joy. I am able to really enjoy the fragments, because I know the feast will come- if not here, then in heaven.
I don’t need the company of answered prayer. I can be alone- in Christ Alone.
“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
Whose trust IS the Lord. Jeremiah 17:7 (emphasis mine)

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