The Big “If”

I abhor car commercials. Why do they have to talk like their pants are on fire, or experiencing bladder-urge issues? Also, why would I want to drive where only mountain goats dare to go? Seered into my memory is that one time when I got totally lost in the dark on the back roads of Mt. Ararat- I mean Loomis, California, No amount of horsepower could do what a simple prayer of, “God if you help me find my way back to civilization and flushing toilets, I’ll go be a missionary where they eat live larvae for breakfast,” can do. Although I suspect Jesus would prefer I quit with the bargaining.
But to my point…
Jesus is not that guy on the car commercial. He never pushes Himself on us, or bullies His way into our home. Nor does He wring His hands over whether we will choose to follow Him (although He has been known to weep). He simply says, “IF anyone would follow me…” IF. His invitation is to everyone, coercion to none. It’s a big IF upon which to base our lives. A one-time choice, chosen daily. So every morning I ask myself, “If not Jesus today, then WHAT If?” I’ve driven too many hard bargains in the wrong direction to NOT know the answer to that one .
“And He said to all of them, ‘If any one will come after Me…'” Luke 9: 23

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