Out of the Ashes

We have family that own property within Yosemite National Park. A terrible fire devastated the area, burning down the old family cabin. The desolation uncovered a remarkable sight: formerly hidden by brush and trees, there now appears a glorious view of El Capitan, Half-Dome and Cloud’s Rest. Those granite fortresses have always been there, of course, but it took the fire to reveal their presence.
The prophet Isaiah experienced such a fire. The benefits and comforts of being a friend of the king, went up in smoke with the death of King Uzziah. Isaiah begins a new chapter of his life with, “In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord…” Isaiah describes all he sees from this new perspective, born out of grief and loss. What follows is a new Isaiah, a new ministry, and a new relationship with the Lord (Isaiah 6).
Likewise in my life, a consuming fire; a burning away of attachments, the familiar, and even what is “safe”, is often necessary in order for me to see Jesus Christ for who He really is, rather than what I’ve heard or imagined Him to be. I fear the process, forgetting His intent is not to destroy me, but to destroy the things that obstruct my view of Him, and cause me to live unaware of His plan for me.
But from the ash of “All is Lost!” rises “All is Gained!” when my eyes see clearly El Capitan, My Captain, My Christ.
“I have lost all things…that I may gain Christ…to know Him…” (Read Philippians 3:7-11)

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