Climate Change

“Samuel ministered to the Lord…”   “…Samuel did not yet know the LORD, nor was the word of the LORD yet revealed to him.”  1 Samuel 3:1a, 7a)

As in the days of Samuel, so it is today.  People outside the church are rebellious, apathetic, and self-absorbed; while people inside the church are rebellious, apathetic, and self-absorbed.  Hmmm…I see a pattern here.  The climate of the church back in Samuel’s day was cloudy with a chance of judgement- 100% chance.  The climate hasn’t warmed much.  The outlook can be downright depressing, and yet…God is calling.  He called Samuel, and He’s calling me.  My focus can not be on what the rest of the church is doing; the question is, “What am I doing?”  He’s calling, He will keep calling.  May our response be as Samuel’s, “Speak, Lord, your servant hears”.

Read Samuel 3:1-21

Lord, Samuel served in the church, but he didn’t know You or Your word.  Sometimes, I’m like Samuel.  Forgive me for the times I choose service over relationship with You and time inYour Word.  Speak, Lord, and help me do the very next thing You tell me to do. 

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