Perfectly Imperfect

Kneeling on the kitchen chair and bent low over the table, our young son Johnny labored intently, designing a cloth banner for Valentine’s Day. As he practiced his newly acquired writing skills, his tongue directed every move of the crayon clenched in his fist. Later, grinning with satisfaction, he held up his finished work. In bold block lettering, the banner read:                “Gob is love”

 The fact that he goofed on the lettering did not make this statement any less true. Nor did it in any way detract from his heart’s intent. In fact, his feeble attempt was all the more endearing.

 Likewise, our deficient endeavors to love God are cherished by Him. God does not require perfect love. He alone IS perfect love, and He fully delights in our demonstrations to love Him back; as backward as those attempts may be.

“He has pity on the weak and the needy, and saves them.”           Psalm 72:13

“But God chose the foolish to shame the wise, he chose what is weak to shame the strong”               1 Cor. 1:27

Jesus said, “My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in weakness.”                                        2 Cor. 12:9

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