Not Your Garden-Variety

Bishop Nursery had a half-price sale on “wintered-over” pansies. Not knowing what that meant exactly, I walked over to educate myself. The poor things looked like survivors of the Donnor Party; half-dead, frost-bitten, and huddled together against the cold. So naturally, I bought them. 

The saleswoman wouldn’t even look them in the eye. But like a sympathetic nurse, she instructed me to prune, feed, and tuck them into bed. I did, and now they play in my yard, alive and well. 

 It wasn’t just a bargain that drew me to buy them. It was that whole redemption thing. While we were yet half-dead and “wintered over”, Christ bought us and brought us to life. He paid full-price for a bunch of pansies. And we got a really good deal. 

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