Now in Bloom

pexels-photo-934011.jpegMy daughter Anna, age 4, received a pressed flower in the mail. She grabbed it up and came running into the kitchen shouting, “Water- quick! This flower is gettin’ ready to die- it’s already layin’ down!”
I look in the mirror and see that “flower layin’ down”. That’s not a bad thing, or a sad thing, it’s the cycle of things. This life is a vapor. Like cash in our pocket, time is a limited resource. How will I spend mine? The question must be asked—and answered—for I will spend my days deliberately, or the days will spend me.
Today I’m attending the graduation of a friend from this life to the next. She lived always with this next life in mind. She died in her kitchen, singing praise to the Giver of Life. She’s in full-bloom now. I too, want to live in praise of my Maker, so when my last petal falls, I will begin life— true life— in the garden of His Delight.

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