Beyond Belief

I believe in God, but I don’t always believe God, and this unbelief is the source of hopeless, joyless, and weak-kneed living.
If I truly believed God had everything under control, my freakometer would not bounce to the red zone. If I believed His Word, I would not consider my situation a special circumstance, an exception to His rule- above the need to obey. And, If I believed heaven was a real place, I wouldn’t be afraid to go there.
Thomas Case, a dead theologian said,
“If we do not live all by faith, we do not live at all by faith.”
So I practice faith. I practice having faith. I act according to what I say I believe, despite circumstances and emotions to the contrary, and I find I don’t have to prove the existence of God; He proves Himself.
…Be sure your faith is in God alone. Do not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea…such people should not expect anything from the Lord. Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do.
Taken from James 1:6, 7, 8 NLT
Jesus asked, “What do you mean ‘if’ I can? Anything is possible if a person believes.” The father instantly cried out, “I do believe! but help me overcome my unbelief!” (Then Jesus healed the boy).
Taken from Mk. 9:23,24 NLT
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