Meet You At the River

Back in the day—we’ll not MY day, but I’m thinking around the time the New Testament was written, Jewish women met daily (minus the Sabbath) at the local well or river to collect their daily supply of water, wash the kids, exchange ideas, advice and gossip.

Think Starbucks without the coffee.

So consider this post our morning at the river…uh..except for the gossip part. Let’s pretend we were discussing baking. Do you have a baking tip? I’d love to hear it. Here’s mine:

I love baking scones and biscuits, but I hate cutting butter into flour. So now, I just make sure the butter is very very cold, and grate it into the flour. Today I needed 4 Tbsp. for Irish Soda Bread. So I dipped the end of the cube of cold butter into the measured flour to keep it from sticking to the grater (not necessary, but helpful) and grated down to one-half the cube right over the bowl of dry ingredients. Bam. Done. Just use a fork to stir and add liquid ingredients. Don’t forget to give me your baking advice. Meet you at the river again tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful image of the women at the river… great metaphor there to, river of living water. Reminds me of our Lord. So my tip is based in one of my favorite scriptures, Galatians 6:7, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”
    Seem strange to relate this to baking? Not for me… as I am more of a cook at heart, dinner dishes are my favorite to make. However, since a gluten free diet is a way of life for me now for medical reasons, I have been learning how to bake gluten free treats. As I started on this adventure, I would simply throw a bit of this and that into the bowl as I do when I cook, not taking the time to measure out the ingredients. Now I’m sure you all can see where this is going… by the time my treats were done baking they were not anything like the amazing food photo in my recipe! So back to the drawing board I went.
    It’s been a little over a year now since the start of this journey and I can honestly say it’s been a growth experience for me in so many ways, plus my husband and I certainly have eaten more than our shares of interesting desserts!
    Ah yes, back to the Word… reaping what I sow. I’m thankful our Lord is using baking to help me understand this better and to also walk in it, and live it out daily. And when I have challenges with it in my walk with Him, not quite getting it at times, I think back to those interesting, yet still tasty, treats. Even in the lessons He displays His great love, gentleness, graciousness… such an Awesome God we serve!
    While I’m still walking in this adventure with Him, I am doing much better with creating beautiful treats in the end. I do believe He is now opening up the way for another lesson. So I continue to bake… now more than ever, in anticipation of what He is creating through it.

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