At the river today (see yesterday’s post) the conversation is about working with what we’ve got. In the last five years, John and I have moved six times. I hope to die in this place we live now because I am NOT going to move that couch again. Each home has taught us something new about God’s creative use of space. As John says regarding hospitality, “If we make room in our hearts, God makes room in our home”. We found this to be true not only of the people who stay with us, but finding room for stuff needed to make our house a home.

The Lord did an impressive job squeezing everything into a houseboat for Noah’s wife, kids, and all their rescue animals, so I’m pretty sure he can advise me if I ask. Which I do.

Enter, the humble mesh shoe holder, and uber-strength magnets. The mesh shoe bag, cut to fit the space available has held all the following in our house: Rolled up tank tops and T-shirts.

Underwear and socks.

Kitchen gadgets.

Bath & Beauty items.

Spices and food packets. Miscellaneous cords and batteries.

John’s guitar strings & capos.

First aid, meds and supplements.

Cleaning supplies.

Craft and art supplies.

Sewing Stuff.


And once, I even used them for shoes. While they can be hung over doors, I hang them inside closet walls and cupboard doors with hooks or screws or staples, and on sides of stoves, washers and refrigerators with magnetic hooks.

Magnets. I’m not talking about the slither-down-the-fridge magnets dressed with pictures of your vacation to Alaska, The Local Pizza Hut, or ceramic dog butts. No. Think Tim the Tool Man Taylor.

The kind that if you’re not careful, you could single-handedly move Alaska to Antarctica and vise-versa. I order mine from Amazon. 3 kinds (see photo) I put them on my indoor fuse box cover to hold keys and household tools. I have them in that secret place between the refrigerator and the wall for hanging scissors, knives, can openers, Measuring spoons and cups. I hang curtains with them. I hang pictures by first pushing tacks into the wall, then gluing mags on the back of the frame.

I cover extremely large and ugly blue metal boxes (or did) in the hall of one house by gluing magnets to a full-length mirror.

I also run them along walls to find studs. The magnet sticks to the nails in the stud. Oh-and on occasion, I use them to hang shoe holders.

I’m always looking for new ideas…your turn.

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