Lettuce Talk

Today’s topic at the river (see prior post) is food prep shortcuts. This is on my mind because last night John and I hosted a WELOVEYOUPLEASEDONTEVER

LEAVE dinner for 40 faithful people who serve our church regularly in various ministries (ever wonder who cleans your church bathroom?).

The menu included a green salad. So my shortcut of the day is washing lettuce- or more aptly, drying it. I don’t own a typical lettuce spinner as I only have room for multi-tasking kitchen equipment. But I do have a handy gadget for times when I’m serving up five heads of greens. It sits right next to my dryer and multi-tasks as a clothes washer. Here’s how I use it:

After rinsing the lettuce in ice water, I place the lettuce in a pillow case I keep for this purpose, then into a large plastic bag and tie the end. Turn the Maytag Lettuce Spinner to the end of the spin cycle (some spin cycles include a rinse which you don’t want to for this), and go finish chopping tomatoes.**

For smaller amounts of lettuce, I just place them in the pillow case, take it outside and swing it around and around, allowing centrifugal force to remove the water.

**Just remember to go back and retrieve your lettuce from the washer, otherwise three days later you’ll say,

“Now where did I put that lettuce I bought?” And wonder how cooked spinach managed to attach itself to your freshly laundered towels.

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