Little Faith

While ruminating over some unanswered prayers (the kind that makes me want to argue with God over the supreme value He places on free will), I’m reminded of an answered prayer from over 35 years ago:
Our 3-year-old son Micah was given a little red tricycle for his birthday. One day, it was stolen from our yard. From that point on, his bedtime prayers included a request to get his tricycle back. Initially, his dad and I prayed with him in this, not only because we wanted the bike back, but moreover, we wanted our son’s faith in God to be reinforced by answered prayer. After a year, though, we gently dissuaded him from continuing to pray for that trike, but he’d have none of it, and continued on for three long years. One day, while walking the kids to the park, we came upon the tricycle, sitting just around the corner from our house. Since none of our neighbors had young children, we surmised whoever had taken it years ago had felt remorse, and dropped it off near where it had been stolen. Though it had been painted over, we could still make out the stenciled letters of Micah’s name on the back. Micah, though now too big for the bike, was ecstatic and began thanking the Lord for hearing his prayers. I was humbled by my son’s faith.
I think God brought this to my memory today to remind me to pray, and to pray, and KEEP. ON. PRAYING. Because the answer may be… just around the corner.

“One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up…” Luke 18:1

toddler s red tricycle
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