Room To Let

Someone in town is offering a place to rent, so they posted, “Room to Let”.

I took it as a sign from God, after recently pondering the word “let” from Philippians 2:5,

“Let the mind of Christ Jesus be in you.”

“Let” means to “allow, permit, make way, surrender and yield.” Because my mind works in mysterious ways (some might say quirky), I envisioned the Vulcan mind meld from Star Trek.

Lately I’ve been telling myself (in vain) to “just snap out of it”—this detached, vacant mindset. But this verse says it’s not a matter of me working it up or working it out, but Christ working it in, as stated eight verses later,

“For it is God who works in you, to give you the desire and the power to please him.”

Wow. THAT takes a load off. No more shaming myself into being a better me (as IF).

Both verses are the antithesis to “struggle, fight, fix and workworkwork”—which frankly, is more within my comfort zone.

What IS the mind of Christ I’m to “let”?

It’s humble enough to take all things in stride (even this seasonal slump), it’s strong and confident (for “in God we trust”), and it minds its own business. The business at hand is to follow Christ, even in my not-so-Onward-Christian-Soldier condition, and to continue to do—through a sort of muscle memory—what my soul knows to do:

Read the Word and listen.

Talk to Him and listen.

Hum a duet with Jesus (I think He likes that old hymn “You are my Sunshine”).

Pray for others and pick them a flower (or send something from Amazon).

Make soup.

Stir gently until I’m done.

I’ll stop flatlining eventually, and in the meantime, I’ll make Room To “Let”, cuz I think that was a little sign from God saying, “Let ME.”

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