Baking Lessons

I consider myself more a baker than a cook. I’ve learned this skill through trial and error. “Error” meaning that over the years I’ve made enough brick-like bread loaves to build a tiny home.
The components of baking are pretty straightforward.
Advanced prep: Eggs, milk, and butter should be room temperature.
Accurate measurements: Use liquid and dry measuring cups—the former for water or oil, the latter for flours and sugar; or a scale for both.
Mix according to specifications: Fold ingredients by hand with a spatula or that angel food cake will be not-so-angelic. Mix muffins by hand just until blended to avoid weird texture.
Handle with care: Plunge the cutter straight down for biscuits and scones; twisting inhibits rising.
Precise heat and time: I bread consistently is under or overdone, use an instant-read thermometer; 190° for most, 200°for richer doughs.
When all these elements meet together, the artistry and fragrance of the final product fills me with delight, and sharing it with others is the height of satisfaction.
Though I readily wait for bread hidden away in some warm corner to rise and then bake, I don’t seem able to apply the same principles or patience to unanswered prayer. I often think Jesus, being fully God, should also be fully magician and whip me up an answer like right now, or better yet, yesterday. While He often does respond immediately, just as often, He does not.
Coincidentally (but not really), I was making scones while I ruminated on this lag of answered prayer and telling the Lord all about it when a verse I’d studied earlier in the day came to remembrance:
“And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth.” (Ephesians 1:10)
This verse along with all creation gives us clues to God’s work ethic. We learn of His order, precision, timing, and maybe most significantly, PROCESS—and the value He places on such. While God could supersede His laws of nature and snap those Michaelangelo fingers for an instant fix, He chooses to respect those laws in most cases.
He plans, then acts on our behalf as all things are prepped, measured, blended, given time and even heat. (Who has not felt the heat of circumstance or spirit in His attempt to get our attention?) yet everything is done with careful handling, that all may rise to full potential in the end.
Which means, we wait.
Still, I ruminate while washing up the bowls and spoons, and glance out the kitchen window to a “P.S.” on this subject:
Tulips are on stage now, in all their flamenco-dancer color, but not one minute before the celestial Son has clapped His hands, declaring it to be so.

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